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Meet our team
Jacqueline McGregor
Finance Director
Jacqueline McGregor

Experience: Jacqueline’ has 20 years experience working in finance with 7 of those delivering bespoke solutions and systems to a variety of organisations.

In 2009 she set up Ferrum London and now works with many small businesses

Nick Name: The dream catcher

Strengths: Making it happen

Favourite Food: Japanese

Guilty Pleasure: Food

Favourite Music: J Cole, Stromae and afro beats

Most Likely to say: How can we make this happen

Least Likely to say: I did absolutely nothing this weekend

Inga Yousef
Junior Book Keeper
Inga Yousef

Experience: Over a 2 years studying bookkeeping and accountancy, and now gaining real life experience at Ferrum London Ltd

Nick Name: IngaBinga

Strengths: Always do your best, be reliable and honest

Favourite Food: Wagamama

Guilty Pleasure: Do nothing on weekends

Favourite Music: Mix of old 80’s

Most Likely to say: It’s never too late

Least Likely to say: You are too old to do it

Abiel Woldu
Management Accountant
Abiel Woldu

Experience: More than 8 years experience in accounting, banking and finance with speciality in management accounting. Helping SME’s in business planning and advisory services using cloud based accounting packages such as Xero & QuickBooks.

Nick Name: The Humble

Strengths: Resilient, innovative, and organized

Favourite food: Vegetarian but love spicy food

Guilty Pleasure: Football and Youtube

Favourite Music: Zemen

Most Likely to say: Let’s get it done

Least Likely to say: I don’t know

Sonia Gupta
Senior Financial Accountant
Sonia Gupta

Experience: Working as a qualified Chartered Accountant with 8 years of experience in preparation and finalisation of financial statements, VAT returns, monthly management accounts, bookeeping for a variety of clients.

Nick Name: Sonia

Strengths: Accuracy & reliability

Favourite food: South Indian Food, dosa and idli

Guilty Pleasure: Spending time with my beautiful kids

Favourite Music: Punjabi bollywood music

Most Likely to say: Sure, let’s do this

Least Likely to say: Nothing is impossible

Meet Our Clients

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