Change Management

As your business scales, you will need to document and adapt your processes to respond to the unique challenges you are facing. We offer full current state process assessments and a future state design service. This will deliver substantial benefits to your organization, including greater strategic value, more efficient resource utilization, higher quality products and services, accelerated time to market and a strengthened bottom line.

The journey we will take you on:
Process automation
Without process workflows, it’s hard for you as a decision maker to know if your processes are complete and optimised. You’ll be amazed at how many manual work arounds we see which can easily be eliminated.

Process documentation
The purpose of a process mapping flow chart is to create a general understanding of the process for everyone involved. This will ensure your new or existing employees understand the roles and responsibilities to perform the entire process front to back.

Process Improvement
We understand cashflow is mission critical, by improving a processes efficiency and effectivity we aim to; rationalise your use of resource to enable your organization, with each new process improvement plan, evolve increasingly towards effectiveness and operational efficiency.

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Programme / Project Management

Delivering programmes and projects with confidence

Whatever the goal at hand, bringing in a dedicated programme or project management team offers clients many advantages. Responsible and creative leadership; insights drawn from other sectors; and the confidence of an experienced team, ready to take on the largest and most complex commissions.

Ferrum London works with clients in lots of industries, providing talented teams of project managers who support projects throughout the whole building lifecycle – developing the initial business case, procurement, undertaking design management, and then construction management.

But we also go beyond a project’s core aims, drawing on our wider knowledge to add value in different ways. Depending on the project there might be opportunities to set more ambitious sustainability targets or improve the overall workplace experience. We take time to consider the possibilities, adding value but never bureaucracy or costs.

PMO and Agile PMO

Since the Agile PMO has visibility across the organization, it has the unique ability to coordinate resources and best practices among teams. In a sense, it is an overseer of quality and resource management.
PMO is the glue that holds the Business / IT teams and supporting functions together :
• Recruitment
• IT
• Finance
• Legal

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Financial Management and resource capacity management

This a process which brings together planning, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal control, auditing, procurement, disbursement and the physical performance of the project with the aim of managing project resources properly and achieving the project’s objectives. In order to get stakeholders or management to approve your project, you will need to build a business case to demonstrate why the project is necessary and what commercial benefits it will deliver when it is completed.
There are a couple of areas is to consider; the change in how the forecasts and costs are reported and analysis across hybrid projects.
The finance department are used to their forecasted costs and revenues data in nice tidy spreadsheets produced by the PMO. With Agile projects thrown into the mix – sometimes with different teams reporting in different ways. With Agile projects having a fixed budget, it is the tracking of the budget that impacts how the PMO changes the way it reports on finance.
There is a role for the PMO here in a number of different ways – pulling everything together so there is consistency; working with the finance department to assist in the translation of different reporting formats and bringing together hybrid reporting (both waterfall and Agile delivery reporting)
Managing bums on seats, their costs and how their time is allocated to projects and product in cross functional teams.

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Governance Structure and Reporting

Reporting of course is one of the main functions that the PMO provides and it still remains the case when the PMO is supporting Agile delivery.
There are a few things that the PMO needs to get to grips with here – the type of reporting, frequency, the metrics and the ability to provide all the reports required – be that waterfall, Agile or any other kind of delivery.
The PMO has to work with the Agile delivery teams to be able to report on items such as the minimum viable product or the velocity of progress.
The PMO is also ideally placed to report on how Agile is working for the organisation as a delivery method – is it faster with less problems?


Congratulations, your business is scaling up. As accountants, we already understand your business challenges & opportunities and know your time is best spent focusing on your core trading activities to grow. Ferrum’s agile recruit & place program offers you the flexibility to respond quickly, on a short or long terms basis with the temporary skilled resource, to your expanding day to day demands.
Using our extensive network of industry candidates, we match; skills, cultures, and personalities to ensure we deliver a seamless integration into your work family. Our long-standing working relationship with our consultants means they’re familiar with our systems and processes so ready to hit the ground running.
We currently manage specialists in a variety of environments: finance including accountancy, industry and commerce, public practice and public sector across the part qualified and qualified marketplace. Offering candidate skills including Bookkeeping, Finance managers, Financial controllers, Accounts assistants, Purchase ledger clerks, Sales ledger clerks, Credit controllers, Payroll Clerks…